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Probation Violation Allegations

Probation Violations in DFW Metroplex

Probation offers you the opportunity to start again. By avoiding incarceration, you can serve your sentence while recovering and moving on with your life. Court-ordered probation keeps you out of jail, and as long as you follow the guidelines set forth until the conclusion of your probationary period, it ensures you stay free. If you break any of the guidelines, however, you violate your probation, which can have devastating effects.

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Whether incurred knowingly or unknowingly, the repercussion for a violation is the same: repealing your probation. All you have strived to accomplish can fall apart in one moment, and the courts may not offer you a second chance.

Fighting Probation Violations with a Veteran Attorney

Probation violations can result in harsh punishments. If the court rescinds your probation, all you have worked for in piecing back your life and planning your future is destroyed, ending with you behind bars. This is why seeking the assistance of a veteran DFW Metroplex Defense Attorney is so crucial to your case. If you had a reason for the violation or if it occurred at a particular point in your probation period, you may be able to seek leniency from the courts. This, however, requires the creative planning and strategies of experienced probation attorneys like Jones & Miyazono Attorneys & Counselours at Law, L.L.P.  Our associates will discuss every aspect of your case with you and determine the best course of action. They will then develop a defense to help keep you out of jail.

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